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Customer Testimonials

No More Spring Noise

The springs on my garage door gave out, creating a loud banging noise. Garage Door Repair Addison technicians replaced them with extra-strength springs and gave me some helpful tips on how to maintain them to avoid future problems. Very professional service!

– Melinda, Addison ( Review)

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Additional Services

Garage Door Spring Repair
SpringGarage Door Repair Addison tackles broken torsion and extension springs, the vital components that balance your garage door. Made from high-cycle oil-tempered steel for durability, they typically last 10,000-15,000 cycles (several years). Our technicians diagnose the issue (broken spring or worn-out) and replace it with the appropriate size and type for your specific door. More on Spring Repair Service
Garage Door Opener Repair
OpenerGarage Door Repair Addison fixes malfunctioning openers (belt-drive, screw-drive, chain-drive) from top brands (LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, etc.). Lasting 7-12 years, openers can experience electrical issues or worn parts. Our technicians diagnose the problem and recommend repair or replacement with a compatible, high-quality opener for lasting performance. More on Opener Repair Service
Garage Door Cable Repair
Garage Door Repair Addison repairs or replaces worn garage door cables. Made of high-strength galvanized steel, these cables typically last several years. Our technicians diagnose cable issues and fix them if possible. Otherwise, they replace the cables with high-quality galvanized steel to ensure smooth and safe garage door operation. More on Cable Repair Service
Garage Door Sensor Repair
Garage Door Repair Addison can fix your malfunctioning garage door sensors. These infrared sensors (universal or brand-specific) typically last 5-7 years. Our technicians diagnose the problem (misalignment, dirty lenses, damaged wiring) and fix it if possible. Otherwise, they replace them with high-quality sensors for continued safety and smooth operation of your garage door. More on Sensor Repair Service
Garage Door Roller Repair
Garage Door Repair Addison tackles noisy or malfunctioning rollers. We offer both nylon for quiet operation and steel for heavy-duty doors. Lasting 5-10 years, these rollers can wear out. Our technicians assess the problem and replace them with high-quality nylon or steel rollers, ensuring a smooth and quiet garage door operation. More on Roller Repair Service
Garage Door Off-Track Repair
Misaligned garage door? Garage Door Repair Addison can fix it! Our technicians tackle bent tracks (usually galvanized steel) caused by loose brackets or impacts. They’ll diagnose the issue and realign the tracks using specialized tools, ensuring your door operates smoothly and safely again. Don’t wait – call us to prevent further damage! More on Off-Track Repair Service
Gate Repair Services
Garage Door Repair Addison isn’t just doors! We fix all types of gates (swing, slide, barrier) too. Common problems include malfunctioning openers, broken hinges, or faulty sensors. Our technicians diagnose & repair the issue using high-quality parts, ensuring your gate operates securely for years to come. More on Gate Repair Service

Brands We Service

Garage Door Repair Services in Addison

Don’t let a malfunctioning garage door disrupt your day! Garage Door Repair Addison offers comprehensive repairs for all your garage door woes.

Our certified technicians can diagnose and fix a wide range of issues, from broken springs and faulty sensors to noisy openers and misaligned tracks.

We use only high-quality parts, including durable torsion or extension springs, long-lasting nylon or steel rollers depending on your door, and genuine replacement parts for openers when possible.

Whether your garage door groans and shudders, refuses to budge entirely, or simply operates erratically, Garage Door Repair Addison will get it back to smooth and secure operation in no time.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Repair Addison uses high-cycle torsion or extension springs made from oil-tempered steel to ensure long-lasting performance. The typical lifespan of a garage door spring is around 10,000-15,000 cycles, which translates to several years of use depending on how often you open and close your garage door.

Our technicians are trained to diagnose the specific type of spring failure you’re experiencing, whether it’s a broken torsion spring or a worn-out extension spring. Once the issue is identified, they will replace the broken or worn spring with the appropriate size and type for your specific garage door.

This process typically involves safely securing the door in place to prevent accidental movement. Then, the technician will meticulously dismantle tension on the existing spring using specialized tools.

Finally, the new spring is installed with the correct tension to ensure smooth and safe operation of your garage door.

Spring Repair Gallery

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are vital components that lift and balance your door. Made from high-strength galvanized steel for weather resistance and durability, they typically last for several years depending on usage and environmental factors.

Signs of cable wear or damage include an unevenly lifting door, scraping noises, or the door becoming unbalanced. At Garage Door Repair Addison, our trained technicians can diagnose cable issues and determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

Cable repair might involve reattaching a cable that has come loose from its drum or bracket. In most cases, however, worn or frayed cables require replacement to ensure safe and proper operation.

Our technicians will safely secure the door to prevent movement, then meticulously remove the old cables. Finally, they’ll install high-quality galvanized steel cables specifically designed for garage doors, ensuring proper tension and smooth operation for years to come.

Cable Repair Gallery

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers, typically lasting 7-12 years depending on usage and brand, come in various types including belt-drive, screw-drive, and chain-drive. Common manufacturers include LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, and Craftsman. These openers are comprised of a motor, drive system (belt, screw, or chain), circuit board, and safety sensors. Signs of opener malfunction include unresponsive remotes, strange noises, or the door failing to open or close entirely.

Garage Door Repair Addison can diagnose the root cause of your opener problem. In some cases, a simple repair like replacing the remote batteries or resetting the opener might be all that’s needed. However, for more complex electrical issues or worn-out components, a replacement might be necessary.

Our technicians will assess the situation and recommend the most cost-effective solution. If replacement is needed, they’ll ensure compatibility with your existing garage door system and use high-quality parts from trusted brands.

Opener Repair Gallery

Garage Door Sensor Repair

Garage door safety sensors play a crucial role in preventing accidents by stopping the door from closing on objects or people. These infrared sensors, typically lasting around 5-7 years depending on environmental factors, consist of a transmitter and receiver unit made of durable plastic housing. Universal sensors work with most garage door openers, while some models require brand-specific replacements.

If your garage door stops before reaching the fully closed position or reverses unexpectedly, it could be a sign of malfunctioning sensors. Misalignment, dirty lenses, or damaged wiring can all hinder their ability to function properly. Garage Door Repair Addison can diagnose the sensor issue.

In some cases, cleaning the lenses or realigning the sensors might be sufficient. However, if the sensors are faulty or damaged beyond repair, our technicians will replace them with compatible high-quality sensors, ensuring your garage door operates safely and reliably.

Sensors Repair Gallery

Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage door rollers, typically lasting 5-10 years depending on material and usage, are crucial components that keep your door gliding smoothly along the tracks. They come in two main types: nylon rollers for quieter operation and steel rollers for added durability in heavy-duty applications. Universal rollers fit most garage door models, but some require specific types depending on the manufacturer.

Signs of worn-out rollers include a noisy or jerky garage door, uneven lifting, or visible cracks or damage on the rollers themselves. At Garage Door Repair Addison, our technicians can diagnose the problem and determine if repair or replacement is necessary. While minor issues might be addressed with adjustments or lubrication, worn or broken rollers typically require replacement to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Our team will use high-quality nylon or steel rollers, depending on your door’s needs, and ensure proper alignment for optimal performance. Contact Garage Door Repair Addison today to get your garage door rolling smoothly and quietly once again.

Rollers Repair Gallery

Garage Door Off-Track Repair

Garage door tracks, typically made of galvanized steel for strength and weather resistance, can last for decades under normal circumstances. However, misaligned tracks are a common cause of malfunctioning garage doors. This misalignment can be caused by loose brackets, loose bolts, minor structural shifts in your house, or even a forceful impact on the door itself.

Misalignment can manifest as a scraping noise, difficulty opening or closing the door, or the door appearing visibly crooked. At Garage Door Repair Addison, our skilled technicians can diagnose the cause of the misalignment and determine the best course of action.

In some cases, simply tightening loose bolts or brackets might be enough. For more significant misalignment, our team will use specialized tools and sturdy materials to carefully realign the tracks, ensuring your door operates smoothly and safely again.

Don’t ignore an off-track door – contact Garage Door Repair Addison today to prevent further damage and restore proper function to your garage door.

Off-Track Repair Gallery