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Gate Repair in Addison IL can install slide gates. We service swing gates, which are known for adding beauty to homes or businesses. We also repair and replace security gates, which are designed to protect your residential and commercial property. Garage door opener installation is one of our specialties. We have experience with all the top rated companies including Ramset, BSL, Elite, and Liftmaster. We can help with your gate sensor and intercom issues, as well.Call us now!

Gate Repair Addison ILGate Repair Addison IL is committed to providing expert diagnostic and repair services, we work with commercial and residential gates. A technician will come to your home or office and fix the problem right away. Get repairs for all of the following:

  • Gate Motor Installation

  • Gate Entry Systems

  • Gate Intercoms

  • Automatic gates

  • Swing gates

  • Slide gates

  • Security gates

Are you considering installing your own residential or commercial gate? Have you looked into new electric gate openers, gate motors, telephone entry systems, telephone intercom systems, and other gate equipment? WHY?!

Don’t bother let the experts at Garage Door and Gate Repair in Addison IL handle your installation or replacements needs.

Don’t hesitate to call us for with any inquiries, or for emergency gate repairs. Our qualified and experienced technicians will gladly assist you with your automatic gate repair or installation. We can craft custom design gate systems, too.

Gate Repair Addison IL



Gate Installation Services

Gates serve multiple functions. They can add beauty to both your residential and business properties. A gate can be an expression of your personal aesthetic, and an extension of the decor of your home or store. If you want to increase the appeal of your property, gates are a great option. Remember first impressions are important for visitors, and a new or rejuvenated gate can be mesmerizing.

Gates tell stories. They weave tales about those that work or live within them. They can chronicle the prestige you’ve earned over the years or of your business’s stature in the community. What’s more, it can project the status that you aspire to. An elegant gate can be part of a positive self-fulfilling prophecy.

Gates add security to your property. Gates are your first line of defense. They protect you, your loved ones, and your employees from unwanted guests, trespassers, and criminals. Imagine how discouraged potential intruders would be if they arrived onto your premises only to find a tall, intimidating gate. Besides being imposing, some gates have other features that can dissuade crooks, like gate alarms and motion sensor lights.

Gate Repair Services Addison IL is the leader in gate maintenance, repair, and installation. Our certified and licensed mechanics are the top in their field. With their extensive experience, there’s virtually no situation or gate that our techs haven’t encountered. We offer around the clock service at the lowest prices in the area.

Gate Intercoms and Openers

  • Do you need service for your All-O-Matic opener?
  • Is your Linear intercom in need of repair?
  • Does the motor make noise but the electric gate won’t open?
  • Have you lost your openers remote?
  • Would a new phone entry system make your life easier?

We can install and repair, any and all, intercoms and operators — from Doorking to Ramset. Our relationship with major manufacturers allows us to have access to the newest parts and products. Our mechanics are experts in gate system upkeep or upgrades. They use the most advanced installation, replacement, and repair technology and equipment. They’ll be at your home or business within 2 hours, or less, after receiving your call. Once they arrive, they’ll assess your needs and give a variety of options to fit your budget. We work hard to give you the best quality at the most inexpensive costs. Call us for all your intercom and opener desires.


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